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Chris Kennedy is a current Grand Junction City Councilman, elected in 2015. He is a former Marine, having served 8 years in the U.S. and abroad. After the Marines, Chris started his career in the Broadband Industry in Massachusetts with a local cable company as a Service Technician and over the past 30 years has lived in many states delivering many new services while expanding both his technical expertise and access to information technology to many segments of our society.

Since locating permanently to Grand Junction in 2006, Chris has continued to develop broadband networks and worked to support local businesses and residents by establishing Kennedy Telecom to meet the needs of diverse small business. He also supported major energy producers in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico and Utah with their field communications needs.

“Duty, Honor and Courage. These are fundamental values forged in the Marines that have shaped each and every day of my life. They form the basis of my decision-making process and ensure that I never forget those who came before. I promise to always have your back, to advocate for your interests and to always represent the people of Mesa County with the dignity and respect, courage and leadership you deserve.”

-Chris Kennedy

Let's Stand Together on Common Ground!

It's time that we have a candidate that has integrity that is approachable and listens. Chris is that candidate who will give everyone a voice to build consensus and get everyone on the boat rowing in the same direction.
  • An Economy that brings you home!

    I am for an economy that brings you home! By focusing on attracting the right businesses that create economic opportunities for today and the future, encouraging entrepreneurship and education partnerships, and adequately developing infrastructure and capital investment, I will champion a diversified economy that helps us all.

    • Diversify
    • Creating Economic Opportunities for the future
    • Infrastructure and Capital Investment
    • Education Partnerships
    • InnovationAttracting the right Business
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Target rural areas that are underserved
    • Accountability
  • Students first for our common future!

    I am for our students, putting student’s first for our common future. I understand the need to properly educate students requests the right technology, capital infrastructure, and labor to develop our students and make them the leaders of tomorrow. Aging teaching populations and infrastructure need to be addressed with the update in technology for our students to succeed.

    • Give Students a voice
    • Teachers are underpaid
    • Second Jobs, decreases focus
    • Technology investment in schools
    • Standardize Testing and Accommodations
    • #% of students going to college
    • Education Partnerships
    • 46th in the Country as a state
    • On the bottom from a state spending per child
    • Fair share for our local education
    • Keep education local
    • Infatuation investment in school
    • Educator Standards
    • Class Size, teacher shortage and infrastructure?
    • Education Partnerships
  • An Approach that is best for you!

    Chris is for our communities’ health, innovative solutions and medical programs within schools. When it comes to healthcare, there cannot be winners or losers. Chris champions responsible and common-sense healthcare solutions.

    • Healthcare is a right, not a privilege
    • Medicaid expansion
    • Evening Medicaid and Medicare zones
    • Implementation of local preventative programs
    • More primary care providers
    • Telehealth
    • More medical programs at state schools
    • Revitalizing county health programs

We Can Do Better

If you want a representative who will put the needs of working families above personal ambition, the ability to think creatively about solutions to problems that are not just red meat quotes like “Less regulations” or “Tax cuts for businesses,” but a sound policy that ensures economic growth for all, the choice is clear.

If you want a Representative who will support a Living Wage, the right to organize in the workplace and full funding of K-12 education, a Representative who will work tirelessly to empower teachers to teach with no unfunded mandates, and ensure we are educating a generation of critical thinkers and not test takers, your choice is clear.

If you want a Representative, who will work to protect Western Slope agricultural interests, ensure that gas and oil exploration and production continue while also protecting our air, land and water while attracting new and diverse high-tech industries to Grand Junction, your choice is clear.

-Chris Kennedy
As our message and policy initiatives become part of the debate from now until November, I promise to always have your back, to advocate for the interests of Senate District 7, and to always represent the people of Western Colorado and Senate District 7 with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Duty, Honor, Courage and Leadership.

I learned and came to understand the meaning of those words in the United States Marine Corps. I have tried to live these values every day, and that is what I will do as your Representative in Denver.
Veterans Issues
As a veteran, I understand the difficulties of processing out. I believe in remaining faithful to my brothers and sisters in arms by funding veterans programs and ensuring that our veterans always have a voice. We are stronger when we stand together.
Mental Health

As a long-term resident, I understand the unique mental health challenges that we face in western Colorado. Access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare is an issue in our area. Ias your senator for district seven I will address our mental health crisis with urgency and compassion. I will help our community members adapt and overcome this dilemma.


I will take a firm stance to bring the western slope livable wages and affordable housing. No one should have to work two jobs to pay the rent or mortgage. As your representative for SD7 I will fight to keep the american dream alive. Living wages affordable housing!

You have the right to responsible representation. You have the opportunity to elect a representative who views this opportunity as an obligation to serve his community with duty honor and respect. I promise to always have your back, to advocate for the interests of Senate District 7, and to always represent the people of Grand Junction with the dignity and respect, courage and leadership you deserve.

Semper Fi.

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