Chris Kennedy for
House District 55


The time is right to change the way we do things in Grand Junction and how we elect our representation. It is time to work for the interests of working families in Mesa County and ensure our government is working for you and not special interest groups or well funded business interests. 

If you want a Representative who will support a Living Wage, the right to organize in the workplace and full funding of K-12 education, empowering teachers to teach with no unfunded mandates, and ensure we are educating a generation of critical thinkers and not test takers, your choice is clear.

If you want a Representative who will work to protect Western Slope agricultural interests, ensure that gas and oil exploration and production continue while also protecting our air, land and water while attracting new and diverse high tech industries to Grand Junction, your choice is clear.

If you want a representative who will put the needs of working families above personal ambition, the ability to think creatively about solutions to problems that are not just red meat quotes like “Less regulations” or “Tax cuts for businesses” but sound policy that ensures economic growth for all, the choice is clear.

If you are someone who supports legislative action that recognizes your right to love and marry who you choose, to ensure protection of and unfettered access to your reproductive health options, your choice is clear.

The two words that drive my philosophy and ideals were learned during my service with the United States Marine Corps. 

Duty and Honor. 

I try to live these values each and every day and that is what I will do as your Representative in Denver. And as our message and policy initiatives become part of the debate from now until November, I promise to always have your back, to advocate for the interests of HD 55, and to always represent the people of Grand Junction and HD 55 with the dignity and respect you deserve.

I Need Your Support

I need your help to defeat the special interests and entrenched political machine that exists in our region. Your support is greatly appreciated. Together we can change for the better our current climate of partisanship and stagnation.


We CAN DO Better

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