We must recognize the scientific fact of global climate change, and it turns out that’s not a Republican or Democratic issue around the country. A July, 2018 study by the University of Colorado shows that most Democrats and Republicans alike believe man-made climate change is real, is occurring and needs to be addressed, but they tend to reactively devalue environmental policies when those policies are proposed by the opposing party. There is actually very little difference between Republicans and Democrats when evaluating climate-friendly policies like carbon tax and dividend, paid by producers and paid to citizens for example.

Bridging The Divide

We can bridge this divide and get something done in Colorado to address climate change. Taking action on climate change at the state level is growing in importance as Congress continues to fail to act on the issue. Let’s continue to keep Colorado a leader in instituting policies to address climate change.

Next Issue

As our message and policy initiatives become part of the debate from now until November, I promise to always have your back, to advocate for the interests of HD 55, and to always represent the people of Grand Junction and HD 55 with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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