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Following his service in the Marines, Chris began working as a telecommunications field technician. With hard work and dedication, he worked his way up to positions including Director of Engineering and Technical Operations for multiple national telecommunications companies.

Chris has built businesses and created jobs in Western Colorado, and understands what it’s like to work within a budget and invest in the things that create results.

Working in the non-profit space Chris has been instrumental in developing and deploying fiber optic networks across Colorado’s rural communities to create economic diversity and choice.

Chris' service as a Marine is something he reflects on daily: 

“I learned how to stand up straight and follow orders,” he said. “Part of following orders is understanding your mission, and trusting your sister to the left and brother to the right. It doesn't matter if we are brown or white, red or blue, old or young, gay or straight. All that matters is that we are here to accomplish the same goals. That we have each others' backs. And that no one gets left behind."

Chris Kennedy

is a father, Marine, small business owner, broadband and telecommunications specialist, City Council Member, and hockey and tenor sax player.

Chris has been working for years in both public and private service to bridge the gap and break through the rhetoric for common sense solutions in Western Colorado.

As a Grand Junction City Council member, Chris has worked to diversify economic dependencies, create infrastructure, and support community development that lifts all boats. Chris has stood up for working families and shown the courage to cross partisan barricades to create opportunities for people to get ahead. 


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